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With your generous donations and through the support of our raffles, CBA Shop Sales, we were able to achieve the following:

To date at the Cypress Fairbanks ISD Livestock Show & Sale, we have been able to :


  • Purchase two SAE projects at auction;  two SAE projects in the freezer sale; and one SAE project in the silent auction.
  • Provide add-on donations to ten students.
  • Sponsored 1 Champion Buckle and 2 Class Champion Bags


  • Purchase three SAE projects at auction; and two SAE projects in the freezer sale
  • Provide add-on donations to five students.
  • Sponsored Auction Buckle


  • Purchase three SAE projects; and
  • Provide add-on donations to four students.
  • Sponsored Auction Buckle


Our inaugural goal for 2016, was to help four students by purchasing their freezer sale SAE projects for approximately $500 each.

  • Purchase two SAE projects at the auction; and
  • Provide add-on donations to seven students.

Scholarship Awards

2019 – Two Scholarships and increased the dollar amount.

2018 – Two Scholarships

In 2017,  we awarded our first scholarship. Please see our Scholarship page for more details.

Additional Accomplishments

In 2018, we were able to facilitate directed donations and then matched those donations to a student who lost her goat the week before the CFISD Livestock Show.

In 2017, we were also able to support several CFISD Chapter’s and provide a one time sponsorship for two students impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

A Huge THANK YOU to all who have supported CBA so we can continue to support our local FFA students.